At Washington Radiology Associates, all physicians are Board Certified by the American Board of Radiology. In addition, each radiologist in the practice sub-specializes in the modality or area of imaging that reflects their training and expertise. This focused sub-specialization is one of the many ways WRA ensures the highest standards of quality in our studies, and in the reports and interpretations provided to referring physicians and their patients.

Our Radiologists
Leonard M. Glassman, MD
Mark E. Klein, MD
Gary L. Rose, MD
Ian M. Lande, MD
Daniel M. Marder, MD
Ingrid L. Ott, MD
Lisa K. Johnson, MD
Ramin Abrahim, MD
Ian R. Peterkin, MD

Julianne Greenberg, MD
Anthony E. Barone, MD
Alexis O. Kladakis, MD
Rajiv K. Chopra, MD
Sussan Sadeghi, MD
Ahalya Premkumar, MD
Catherine K. Chow, MD
Agnes E. Holland, MD
Lyn Ho, MD
Jason B. Katzen, MD
Michelle T. Kladakis, MD
Sandra J. Allison, MD
Alexander B. Steever, MD
Rend Al-Khalili, MD
Christine Huxol, MD
Stuart A. Fruman, MD
Anjali Malik, MD