Letter to the Editor Best Offense Against Breast Cancer is Good Defense

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Best Offense Against Breast Cancer is Good Defense 

As we know, October is high season for football and for breast health awareness. At Washington Radiology, we steadfastly believe that getting your annual mammogram is the best action a woman can take to ensure early detection and protect her quality of life.  To use a football analogy, mammography screening demonstrates that the best offense is a good defense.

While we applaud what the pink ribbon has done to build awareness, more work is needed to help women take action and obtain their annual screening.  Early detection affords a woman the best opportunity to find any issues early and minimize the cost, stress, and invasiveness of treatment that comes with later stage diagnosis.  And with 3D mammography, accuracy is better than ever – improving detection by 54 percent and minimizing recalls from screening by 37 percent. 

In honor of National Mammogram Day, we’re asking for your help:

First, practice good defense and get an annual screening mammogram starting at age 40. 

Second, become a great coach by exercising your powers of persuasion to encourage the women you love to get their annual screening.

Together, we can turn Team Awareness into Team Action and score significant strides to achieve good breast health.

Julianne Greenberg, MD, FACR
Director of Breast Imaging
Washington Radiology
3015 Williams Dr., Suite 200
Fairfax, VA 22031