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Five Health Screenings Every Woman Over 40 Should Know About

Peace of mind comes from actively pursuing your healthiest self. During Women's Health Month, prioritize your essential health screenings and be an advocate for the women you care about.

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3D + SmartCurve Screening Mammogram

Begin at age 40 and then annually every year after. We've integrated the accuracy of 3D with SmartCurve comfort technology for a better mammogram.

Virtual Colonoscopy

Begin colorectal screenings at 45 and every 10 years following, with a virtual colonoscopy screening every 5 years.

Lung Screening

For women between the ages of 55 and 80 who are current or former smokers and who have a smoking history of at least 30-pack years, and with no history of lung cancer.

Cardiac Calcium Scoring CT

For women over the age of 55 with no known cardiac disease, but with a known risk factor such as family history or hypertension.

Bone Density Screening

Begin regular screenings at the age of 65, or younger upon the advice of your physician.