Finally, a mammogram shaped like a woman.

Introducing SmartCurve.TM

Ladies, no more excuses about why we're not getting our mammograms, which are critical to early detection. 3D now has the SmartCurve system. It is more comfortable and is accurate as always.
Sheryl Crow.Grammy winner
and Hologic spokesperson,
3D and SmartCurve advocate

Experience the New Shape
of Mammography


SmartCurve is an evolutionary technology that's shaped like a woman's breast and is clinically proven to deliver a more comfortable mammogram. We've fully integrated SmartCurve into our 3D mammography systems at all our centers to give you a state-of-the-art screening experience that delivers both accuracy and comfort.

As one of the country's leading authorities on 3D mammography, we know that 3D increases early detection of breast cancer by 54 percent, allowing our expert radiologists to find cancers as early as stage zero. We also know it decreases call back rates by 37 percent. The end result? A better, more accurate mammogram.

The curved design of SmartCurve distributes pressure more evenly over the breast to reduce pinching.

Sheryl Crow is not a patient of Solis Mammography

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SmartCurve Difference

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Experience the
SmartCurve Difference

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