Breast Cancer Awareness: It’s Ageless

Your breast health by decade.
A lifelong approach to breast health.


Know Your Normal

Start monthly breast self-exams to build your own breast awareness.

How to do a breast self-exam: infographic

Have the Conversation

Assess breast concer risk factors with your physician, which will determine your lifetime screening regimen.

Breast cancer risk factors: infographic

Breast cancer risk factors: video

Get Your Mammogram

Begin annual screening if you are of average risk with no family history. Your first mammogram will also identify whether you have dense breast tissue, which can increase your risk for breast cancer.

Why the 40-to-50 year window is important for breast health: video

Mammos & Menopause

Breast tissue and breast cancers are very sensitive to changes in hormones. Women should be consistent with their mammograms - this is not the time to skip.

What women should know about menopause and breast health: video

Continue the Habit

Annual mammograms year in and year out are one of the best habits a woman can develop.

What women in their 60s need to know: video

It’s the New 60

When to stop getting a mammogram is not age related, it’s health related. Keep doing what keeps you healthy.

What women in their 70s need to know: video

It’s Ageless

Breast cancer awareness is important for women of every age. Know more.

Breast health is ageless: video

Ask the question, save a life: video

Don’t give breast cancer a leg up: video