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With state-of-the-art technology and a personalized approach to medical imaging care, our focus is on you. From wellness screenings that help you achieve and maintain optimal health, to diagnostic evaluations that guide a critical path of care, we give you the piece of mind that comes from a comprehensive - and compassionate - view of your health.

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Our board-certified radiologists are subspecialized in specific fields of study, including women's imaging, neurology and musculoskeletal imaging, giving you the trusted, expert care, you need in an outpatient environment. Our deep clinical expertise in the full range of screening and diagnostic imaging services and interventional procedures has been a Washington Radiology tradition for more than 70 years, as we continue to innovate on behalf of our patients.

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Dispelling common myths about the causes of breast cancer

Misconceptions about what can lead to breast cancer run rampant online. Claims have circulated for years that chemicals in antiperspirants, wearing a bra with underwire and consuming soy can lead to breast cancer. Unfortunately, claims such as these can obscure the facts around

Men and Breast Health

Breast cancer in men is rare, representing about 1% of all cases, but what should men know about the disease? Dr. Chirag Parghi, our Chief Medical Officer, shares three things for men to be aware of when it comes to breast cancer.

Four health screenings every man over 40 should know about

Find out about four health screenings every man over 40 should know about – and why early detection is the key to early intervention and better health. Download Infographic 1. Virtual Colonoscopy CT Begin conventional colorectal screening at 45 and every 10 years following, with