Except for screening mammography, we require a written order from your physician for all imaging studies.  The orders have important details from your physician about the exam being requested, special instructions, confirmation of where to send your exam results, and contact information for who we would reach out to regarding our interpretation.  

Orders ensure proper continuity of care after your exam. If you do not bring the order with you to your exam, and we cannot obtain a confirmation from your doctor, we will ask to reschedule your exam.

For your convenience, payment can be made by regular mail or at any of our offices using cash, check, debit card, as well as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards. We also offer fast and secure bill payment services online.

Mammograms are performed for different reasons.

Screening Mammograms are routine yearly check-ups for women who have no breast symptoms or issues. During a Screening Mammogram, at least two views are obtained of each breast using a very low X-ray exposure.  Reports are usually dictated and mailed in 2-3 days.  

Diagnostic Mammogram is an investigative study for when breast symptoms may be present.  During a Diagnostic Mammogram, the images are reviewed by the radiologist while you are there to allow for additional views to gain greater image clarity.  The radiologist may perform a breast ultrasound to obtain different images and provide the most accurate report.  

Most insurance companies will pay in full for an annual 2D Screening Mammogram as part of the member's preventative benefits.  Any plan under the Affordable Care Act is required to cover standard mammograms at 100%. For a Diagnostic Mammogram, the insurance plan typically requires some type of copay, co-insurance and/or deductible as part of the 2D exam coverage.

Washington Radiology is a freestanding imaging facility and all services are billed as an “office” setting. You will receive one “global” bill from Washington Radiology that includes both the technical fee (your actual scan) and the professional fee (the written report from the radiologist).  Your insurance plan will process the claim according to your policy’s benefits and a deductible, co-pay and/or co-insurance may apply depending on the exam performed. 

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, nearly all private insurance carriers cover the cost of a 2D screening mammogram with zero copay – regardless of deductible. Medicare, Cigna, Aetna, United and many regional insurers also cover the cost of 3D within their mammography plan. For those who don’t have insurance or aren’t eligible for Medicare and facing financial hardships, Washington Radiology offers a $99 coupon for mammography screening.  We also partner with local nonprofits who support women who cannot cover the cost of their screening or diagnostic mammography care.

Print your $99 screening mammogram coupon.

Please bring the prescription or request form that was given to you by your doctor. This prescription ensures that we know precisely the study to be performed along with any special instructions provided by your physician.  You will also need to bring your insurance cardinsurance authorization form (if required by your insurance plan), and related films and reports if they were not performed at Washington Radiology.

Please note: Screening mammography does not require a referral form, however if you have one, please bring it to your appointment and we will confirm where to send the results of your exam.

We kindly request that you do not bring children under the age of 10 to an appointment unless another adult is present to watch them. Due to safety regulations, children may not accompany a patient into radiographic exam areas. Siblings are welcome for prenatal ultrasound appointments with an adult chaperone.

General X-Ray is available at the following centers: K Street in DC from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Bethesda from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Fairfax from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., and Sterling from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.  An appointment is not required.  This excludes HSG and Fluoroscopy studies, which must be scheduled. 

In our DC location, we also offer call-ahead X-ray appointments.  If you would prefer to schedule an appointment for this service, please call our DC office at 202-223-9722.

Certain exams require that you prepare for your appointment to ensure the best study results. For some exams, this may simply mean wearing the most comfortable clothes, or following certain food or beverage restrictions. Other exams may require that you pick up a "prep packet" at one of our offices several days prior to your study. Please review the exam preparations with the scheduler when you make your appointment. Preparation instructions are available on the individual services pages and many are also printed on the reverse side of the Washington Radiology order that your received from your doctor. 

Barium is an oral contrast to help ensure we get the best possible views during your imaging study.  Oral contrast cannot be mixed with any other liquid including water or ice.  This change in the composition of the Barium will cause the contrast to be ineffective which will reduce the quality of your study results.

You may refrigerate the Barium but do not add any other liquid or ice to the formula.

All exams require an appointment with the exception of general X-ray which is available on a walk-in basis. Check each office for X-ray hours of operation as they vary slightly among our locations. HSG and Fluoroscopy studies (which use X-ray) are not available as walk-in exams and must be scheduled.

Some Washington Radiology services are available for Saturday, Sunday and evening appointments.  It can vary by location and time of year.  Please call our scheduling team at 703-280-9800 to find out if your exam and preferred location offers extended hours.

Washington Radiology offers precertification assistance to all patients where advance approval is required by the
insurance plan before the study can be performed as a covered service.  Using the clinical notes and history from your doctor's office, our percertification team will work with you and your insurance company to gather the necessary information and obtain insurance approval to receive the study. If you have questions or need assistance, please call our precertification department at 703-641-9133, ext. 1195.

We understand there are times when you must miss an appointment due to emergencies or obligations for work or family. However, when you do not call to cancel an appointment, you may be preventing another patient from getting much needed treatment. Conversely, the situation may arise where another patient fails to cancel and we are unable to schedule you for a visit, due to a seemingly "full" appointment book. In order to be respectful of the medical needs of other patients, please be courteous and call our office promptly if you are unable to show up for an appointment.

Because each patient's needs are different, the length of each procedure will vary.  If you call the location of your scheduled appointment, we would be happy to give you an approximate length of time for your procedure(s). We'll do our best to make the time go quickly.