During Men’s Health Month, we’re focusing on four important wellness screenings for men

Find out about four health screenings every man over 40 should know about – and why early detection is the key to early intervention and better health.

Mens Health Screenings Infographic

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1. Virtual Colonoscopy CT

Begin conventional colorectal screening at 45 and every 10 years following, with a virtual colonoscopy screening every 5 years. Safe, less invasive colon screening without the complications of conventional colonoscopy.

2. Cardiac Calcium Scoring CT

Work with your physician to determine if you are at moderate risk for heart disease and if this test is appropriate for you. Delivers a life-saving score based on the amount of calcium found in each artery.

3. Lung Screening CT

For men between the ages of 50 and 80 who are current or former smokers and who have a smoking history of at least 20-pack years, and with no history of lung cancer. No contrast, noninvasive, low dose CT exam that is superior to traditional X-ray.

4. Liver Elastography

A noninvasive ultrasound alternative to painful and costly biopsies. A diagnostic tool that can assess liver fibrosis before abnormalities are detected, which can lead to early intervention and treatment.

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