We can help you retrieve outside records.

At Washington Radiology, we take extra effort to ensure that your medical records are complete prior to your appointment with us.  Previous images and reports performed outside of Washington Radiology are important so that our radiologists can provide the most thorough interpretation.

To help expedite the transfer of medical records to Washington Radiology, we have provided a quick courtesy form below for your use.  Please contact the facility where your prior images were performed and ask for their release of records procedure.  If they require a printed release, you can utilize this one which includes our mailing information.  

If you are leaving the area or visiting a specialist, Washington Radiology patients can pick up medical records, films or CDs from any of our clinical offices. Advance notice is required to prevent a delay when you arrive.  If you have questions about medical records, please call any Washington Radiology location or send us an e-mail.

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