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3D Mammography Services

Exceptionally Accurate Results and Breast Health Peace of Mind

3D Mammography is considered the most advanced technology in screening and diagnostic mammography. Put simply, digital tomosynthesis (otherwise known as 3D Mammography) is a more accurate test — using the latest in technology to provide more and better images of each breast.

3D Mammography has been proven to detect abnormalities 15 months earlier than a standard mammogram. Not only is it more accurate, 3D Mammography also decreases recalls for additional tests, leading to greater peace of mind with your results. 3D technology is available at all Washington Radiology locations and can easily be added to any screening or diagnostic mammogram. 

3D Mammography (TM) the most advanced technology in screening and diagnostic mammography


All women can benefit8 from 3D Mammography™, but it’s particularly helpful if you have: 

  • dense breast tissue

  • frequent callbacks for mammograms

  • fibrocystic changes

  • family history of breast cancer 


Ar Washington Radiology, we believe this advanced technology, combined with the specialized expertise and experience of our board-certified team of radiologists, provides women with the peace of mind they deserve concerning their breast health.

What Research Says 

In a recent issue of Radiology, 3D Mammography was shown to be of significant benefit. “The use of mammography plus tomosynthesis in a screening environment resulted in a significantly higher cancer detection rate and enabled the detection of more invasive cancers while reducing the number of unnecessary callbacks.” 1,4


We offer the following 3D Mammography Services:


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