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Imaging for Wellness

Optimal Health Through Regular Screenings

Washington Radiology is a leader in medical imaging services, helping patients achieve and maintain optimal health through regular screening and wellness programs. This dedication to a healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone of our larger purpose as a national leader in delivering exceptional care to everyone we serve.

Prevention and early attention to our health status, whether by regular surveillance or follow-up care, are essential to maintaining good health.


Take Charge of Your Health

Ask about our wellness imaging services and how they can help maintain your good health. If something needs treatment, let's find it early and reduce the risk, cost and anxiety that comes from a later exam result.  That's our peace of mind promise to you.


Scheduling an Appointment is Easy.

To schedule with a team member in our call center, please dial 703.280.9800. To request an appointment online, click here. We look forward to seeing you at one of our seven convenient locations.