Interventional MSK Studies

Minimally invasive therapies and procedures to provide welcome relief for your symptoms.

Ultrasound can provide precise guidance for diagnostic and/or therapeutic injections, fluid aspirations and therapy to tendons. Needle guidance with ultrasound is faster and more efficient than that performed with CT, MR or fluoroscopy. Washington Radiology’s musculoskeletal interventional team has more than 20 years of experience and can provid much-needed relief and specialized care for the patients we serve.


Calcific tendinosis is a painful condition that most frequently affects the rotator cuff in the shoulder. It’s caused by a build-up of calcium deposits that can form a nodule in the tendon. Barbotage, also known as lavage and aspiration, is a quick therapeutic treatment that may be an alternative to surgery. The musculoskeletal radiologist uses ultrasound to view the calcifications, and guide a needle to dissolve or fragment the calcification followed by aspiration, to provide immediate relief for the patient.

Ultrasound guided steroid injections can be performed for inflammatory conditions of tendons, bursae or joints. We offer diagnostic and therapeutic nerve blocks as well as aspiration and or injection of ganglion, paralabral and other synovial cysts.

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