Virtual Colonoscopy CT

Less Invasive and Sedation-Free

Helping patients achieve and maintain optimal health is an important part of Washington Radiology’s purpose as a national leader in imaging care. Regular screenings like Virtual Colonoscopy represent one of the many ways we’re making preventive exams easy and efficient for our patients. Virtual Colonoscopy is a 15-minute screening scan of the entire colon.  It’s less invasive than endoscopic or 'conventional' screening and does not require sedation so there are no after effects. At Washington Radiology, we're using innovative CT techniques to enhance the screening experience and provide exceptionally accurate results.

What are the benefits of Virtual Colonoscopy?

Virtual Colonoscopy is a safe, minimally-invasive procedure.  No sedation is required which means you can quickly resume the activities of your day. The American Cancer Society recommends regular screening for individuals at average risk beginning at age 45, and earlier if you are at higher risk.  This type of screening increases the early detection of polyps and helps prevent a more serious health concern.

We use state-of-the-art CT techniques to quickly scan the colon with x-rays and create 3D reconstructed images of the anatomy. An alternative to conventional screening, Virtual Colonoscopy provides a highly accurate view of the health of your colon.


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Preparing For Your Virtual Colonoscopy Exam

Patient peace of mind starts with the right preparation. To obtain the best possible study results, it is important that you follow the instructions below. 

During scheduling, a Washington Radiology team member will review with you the preparation instructions specific to your Virtual Colonoscopy CT exam.  These instructions are repeated here for easy reference:

pdf Virtual Colonoscopy.pdf

 In addition to the written order from your doctor, please remember to bring to your appointment any prior images or reports from outside Washington Radiology if related to the reason for your visit with us.  

If you have any follow-up questions about these important CT preparations, please contact the Washington Radiology office where your exam is scheduled and ask to speak with the nurse.